Činnosť firmy

Main characteristics

Our company has capitalised on its long-term experience and offers you the possibility of EXPORT SEAWORTHY PACKAGING. This type of packaging is used in international transportation of larger equipment, various machinery, special ventilators, pipes etc.

The firmness and carrying capacity of packaging is individual, depending on the gravity centre of transported, packaged goods and is converted according to specific criteria, compared with statistical tables. The firmness of packaging is ensured by using all-wood construction of the bottom made of high-quality logs, steel profiles.

To ensure and secure the transported goods, it is possible to drill grips in the bottom part to be used for stabilisation of the transported goods. To increase firmness, we recommend pressed OSB III board or OSB board combined with wood. The type of material used depends on specific features of the transported object.

The transported packaging is supplied in disassembled state and our company offers you the following:

  • „On site packaging” (packaging directly at the place of sending, i.e. at the customer),
  • „Off site packaging” (packaging directly in our production, i.e. packaging and delivery to the place
    of delivery).

Since it is a very specific type of packaging, our company approaches each request of the customer individually and at the same time tries to find the optimum way of securing goods. Therefore we follow while working the defined work procedures and use high-quality materials ensuring sufficient protection of the transported goods.


  • Delivery of suitable transport packaging;
  • Securing goods against movement;
  • Ensuring suitable protection of goods according to the customer‘s needs (e.g.: VCI program, PE foil, shrink-wrap, wrapping paper, ALU foils, protective paintings, fixation foams and fillings);
  • Securing packaging of goods into a vacuum;
  • Labelling of packaging according to the customer‘s requirements (various pictograms, customer‘s logo, IPPC sign, etc.);
  • Ensuring transportation to the required place of delivery;